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PlusCoin is a Ethereum based token issued by Metaps Plus who is the market leader in mobile FinTech business in Korea. PlusCoin will be strategically backed by the cryptocurrency exchange market, CoinRoom. Coinroom’s ambition is to be the world’s no.1 exchange market.

Introducing PlusCoin


Real economy based crytocurrency

PlusCoin issuer Metaps Plus owns USD 100m volume mobile transaction in Korea and has strong China, Japan and Korea operations in North Asia as Metaps Group. Mobile FinTech platform meets the cryptocurrency economy to complete “Money Flow Platform”


Start with Cryptocurrency Exchange Market CoinRoom

PlusCoin will be listed in CoinRoom, a cryptocurrency exchange market launched by Metaps Plus. PlusCoin will be listed in CoinRoom, a cryptocurrency exchange market launched by Metaps Plus.


Cryptocurrency that maximizes benefits for token holders

PlusCoin ICO is focused on delivering maximum benefits to the token holders. On our cryptocurrency exchange market, CoinRoom, you can enjoy benefits and protection.

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Benefits for token holders

1. Rewards

PlusCoin owners can receive, upon discretion and decision of the company operating the CoinRoom, certain rewards in the form of PlusCoin or ETH in each quarter, provided that the amount does not exceed 10% of the portion of the CoinRoom’s profit generated by the transaction commissions.

2. Transaction fee return

PlusCoin holders are entitled to quarterly returns of the transaction fees as a part of their benefits.

3. Mobile Coupons

Buyers of mobile coupons will receive discount premiums based on the amount of PlusCoin owned.


  • 2018/3

    CoinRoom Opens

  • 2018/3

    PlusCoin open for trading @ CoinRoom

  • 2018/6

    Launching of PlusCoin Store

  • 2018/7

    Launching of PlusCoin SDK

  • 2018/9

    Launching of PlusCoin Leasing services

Company Introduction


A. PlusCoin(PLC) is Ethereum-based cryptocurrency token issued by Korean corporation, Metaps Plus. A token is digital currency or asset which is issued and circulated on blockchain network. To check information and trade amount of various tokens, refer to On you can browse information of newly issued tokens and tokens to be issued.
A. PlusCoin will serve as a premium coupon for the benefits of the new exchange 'CoinRoom' which will be launched in the first half of 2018 by Metaps Plus, and will also offer mobile advertising and commerce services based on PlusCoin. Details about the rewards that PlusCoin holders can receive are provided in the whitepaper.
A. PlusCoin is a token with a fixed initial issue amount, and it is not possible to obtain tokens through mining.
A. PlusCoin will be listed on Korean cryptocurrency exchange market 'CoinRoom', which opens in March 2018, and can be listed on other exchanges in the future.
A. To participate in a PlusCoin (PLC) token sale, you need three things: 1) a standard Ethereum wallet, 2) Ether(ETH) in your standard Ethereum wallet, and 3) your account on the PlusCoin website. Once the token sale starts, you can log in to the PlusCoin website and find the token sale wallet address to send the Ether to (you will need to enter your own wallet address in your account). If you transfer your Ether to the token-sale-wallet address, you can see the PLC in your wallet within a few hours. If you use a non-standard wallet which doesn't support ERC20 tokens (such as an exchange wallet), you will not be able to acquire tokens through token sales. Please avoid using the exchange wallet.
A. ERC20 is an abbreviation of 'Ethereum Request for Comment 20' and is a standard specification for ensuring the compatibility of tokens that can be distributed on Etherium blockchain network. ERC20 tokens must support the attributes of a smart contract, and tokens that comply with the ERC20 standard can be placed in a standard Ethereum wallet(MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, etc.).
A. In the event CoinRoom fails to open its services by Friday, March 30, 2018 at 6:00 pm (KST) as stated in the PlusCoin whitepaper, any participant in the token sales, upon request, will be entitled to a return of the ETH used for the purchase of token. If you wish to make such request, please send a return request email to by the end of March 2018, with your membership information and your wallet information.
A. PlusCoin(PLC) acquired through a token sale will have a lockout period of one week from the token sale deadline, during which time the PLC can not be moved from your wallet to another wallet.
A. Token Sale participants will receive PlusCoin(PLC) to the ERC20 standard wallet used for participation. Once the lockout period has been completed, you can freely move the PlusCoin you acquired through token sale to your wallet that supports ERC20.

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If you are US, Singaporean, Chinese and/or Japanese national who have participated in our ICO, by falsely claiming different citizenship status, we will refund your ether and nullify your PLC token transactions under our strict KYC rules and terms of sale.